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Hi Partner,

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, our very special "Supreme Elite Team" is made up of just a handful of the world's top internet marketers, especially in the field of network marketing. Those members are

  • Rachel Long
  • Jane Mark & Phil Basten
  • John Denton
  • Dave Dubbs
  • Paul Darby
  • Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"

Each one of these members is consistently in the top one, two, three, or four spots of any network marketing program that they become involved in, on that company's leader board... every month. It's amazing! I have put this supreme elite team together for the sole purpose of leveraging our marketing muscle to build any program that we recommend deep deep deep under you, and to give you an extreme competitive edge...

You see, all of the marketing materials that we make available to you shout loudly of your affiliation with the world's number one Supreme Elite Team and all of our names are mentioned.

This is tremendous leverage for you. It gives you an advantage over everyone else in the world attempting to attract members to this program / opportunity.

Who wouldn't want to join this team under you??

And, the marketing materials that you'll find at the link below are designed also so that every person that you invite to join this opportunity has access to the exact same resources detailed below as well as the marketing materials.. We pull it all together for you. You just plug in the pieces.

And, below you'll find our own individual, favorite resource for building any of the programs each and every one of us become involved in.

Each Supreme Elite Team member has their own favorite resource. In fact, most of us has several of them, but I have asked each member to submit for this page their number one most effective resource that they use to build any program they become involved in. And this is despite the fact that each Supreme Elite Team member has their own internal resources, you know, their own lists. But it's their own lists that they use and I use to continually build membership in this opportunity deep deep deep below you as well as.. their number one favorite resource. So here is a brief description of six outstanding resources as well as each team member has submitted additional resources for you under their name.

  1. MikeG's Favorite Resource
    I do a lot of advertising on the internet. a tremendous amount. I work with more companies than I can keep track of.. But there is one in particular that I think is ideal for you to use where all you need to do is send them your ad copy (we supply that for any program you join through the Supreme Elite Team) and then select how many people you want the ad exposed to. That's one of their programs. Another one of their programs is an excellent co-registration program. I'll explain both of these in more detail: Click Here

  2. Rachel Long's Favorite Resource
    If you've been around on the internet for any length of time or if you have been involved in network marketing online. There is little doubt that you are not familiar with the famous Rachel Long she is a powerhouse and here is her #1 favorite advertising resource.

  3. Dave Dubb's Favorite Resource
    Dave doesn't believe in making a splash online he's a tsunami maker and everything he touches turns to gold. Here is Daves #1 Favorite advertising resource.

  4. John Denton's Favorite Resource
    John Denton here with a GREAT recommendation for you.
    I've been successfully using a new Traffic Exchange called Dragon Surf!
    It was already one of the most popular and successful traffic exchanges on the net, but it just re-launched with an awesome new design and some cool new features.

  5. Jane Mark's Favorite Resource
    Jane Mark has a Getting Started Package which is her secret weapon that she uses to catapult her to the top ten of some of the most well known sites on the net.
    These are her top contact mailing lists This is not magic. You can do use these lists effectively. Find out how She can change the way your story ends

  6. Paul Darby's Favorite resource
    Paul Darby shows you a simple technique to put $25.00 in your bank account in less than 14 minutes - and then shows you how keep adding more money right away! Next he spills his very best "insiders" info and resources so you can continue to increase the amount of money you can earn online. Sign up quickly so you do not miss out when this offer closes... 

Push Button Extreme Marketing Materials

FreebieForce Marketing Materials

Home Wealth University Marketing Materials

At these marketing materials links you will find the promotional items where all you need to do is plug in your own personal url once you join these opportunities. These marketing materials have been custom created just for these opportunities and are designed to work with the resources above.

If you are not yet in one or more of these programs, and would like to be, please contact the person who invited you to this site.

Chairman, Supreme Elite Team